What you need to take Wholesome Greece Pictures

If you are after bringing out the dark blue of the sky and the royal blue haze of the ocean in your Greece pictures, you should expose for the sky. Make sure you have traveled with a circular polarizing filter, which can be very helpful in the elimination of hazy photographs, although the best technique is to shoot the sites early in the morning within an hour of sunrise, a time when the light is pure as the landscapes still hold their crispness and color.

You will find that on a very windy day the Greece landscapes seem very clear, and create the best conditions for photographing during the day, especially during sunsets.

As you prepare for great Greece picture adventure, you need to come with the right photo or video equipment. No matter the equipment you make use, there is the need to recharge batteries at least daily. Greece Electricity is 220V (50Hz). It would thus be best if you inspect the battery chargers prior to traveling to Greece. Most likely, the adaptors are rated to wield 240V. You will find such capabilities printed on the charger itself or within the manual.

If your find the equipment you have is not conversant with the Greek electrical current (220V), purchase an electrical Adaptor so that you can protect the equipment. Try to read more about what to carry on your trip to Greece that includes ample advice on electricity and electronics.

Digital Photo Processing for your Greece Pictures

In Greece, it seems that the entire old one-hour photo shops whether in the city or in the smallest of towns has been converted to accommodate digital processing. This is the reason why you can take your media to all or almost every Photo shop in Greece, and within a reasonable amount of time, mostly about an hour you can get the paper prints.

The media acceptance is not limited in Greece, and you can even get a burn of digital images on a CD, which will help you to format the card as you keep shooting more Greece pictures.


If you use film, know that it is getting more difficult to find any in Greece of late. In case you use film, it is recommended to buy your own film prior to flying to Greece. If you buy some in the Greek photo stores, make sure you have checked the expiration date since it might be old, denying you a desired picture adventure.

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