5 Wonderful Places to Visit

Patagonia Wine Country

If you love wine in a true adventurous spirit, Patagonia wine country is a must travel. Shows how ten years of winemakers’ adventure can turn an eerily and fertile beautiful place into a tourist paradise. Blossoming pinot noirs and a great wine country with malbecs and wineries, beautiful designed.


Seoul is also one of the wonderful places to visit. Its unique restaurants and cafes plus art galleries make every visit worth it. There are so many monumental fashioned areas, from the Ann Demeulemeester store to other notable places. If you have been to Japan, this can be a wonderful detour and a unique taste of a kind.


Environmental friendly, green, cool and exotic sums up the city of Copenhagen. The Danish capital gives a great aura and choice of delights to any visiting tourist. You might never have been to such a cool place before.


With a new constitution in place and a never-ending spirit to amaze, right from the scenery, diversity to climate, Kenya is an all time favorite. Not many countries change their constitution today nor many offer diverse delights from the coast of Mombasa, marine sports and scenery, the gigantic great rift valley, unique wildlife parks and reserves, salty and fresh water lakes, some of the world’s highest mountains, 45 tribes each with a unique tradition and way of life, geysers and water towers and much more. From Naomi Campbell, Jose Morinho the current Real Madrid Coach to royal families, the country does not stop to attract the ordinary, high and mighty.


With restrictions in the offing that would affect travel and tourism in this unique continent, anybody who loves the planet’s last unique and great wilderness should as well pack up and get to the place. Tourism has been argued as causing a tremendous environmental menace and 2010 might as well be the final year Antarctica is wide open to flocks of tourists and mass tourism in general. It is one of the most wonderful places to visit, no doubt.

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One Response to 5 Wonderful Places to Visit

  1. Kenya! Yes, it is definitely a wonderful place to visit. I saw a local TV show that went there to visit a resort, I was so fascinated by it’s surroundings.

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