Travel the World Combining Fitness and Travel

Would you like to travel smart and easy? You can combine fitness and travel. People have always been traveling through fitness focused tours and travels, spa vacations to hiking around the world. It is always a chance of enjoying great adventure and exercise, something you can do even now if you so wish. There are many destination races to think about and lots of opportunities to remain fit while traversing city streets and running along panoramic views of oceans.

Races are the best way to travel for fitness and leisure, something you can even do now if you so wish. In most cases, there is always a marathon happening on the other side of the world.

Big Sur Marathon
This is one of the famous races for fitness travels across the United States giving you a chance to run along Carmel’s Pacific Coast Highway.  As a runner, you will experience a sweeping ocean view and mountain range observations every step you take.

The Venice Marathon
For the last 29 years this run has been taking place. It takes place in Venice, Italy where runners take off along the charming Italian countryside around Padua running against the Riviera del Brenta. As you run the last kilometers you will grace the historical part of Venice in a race that takes place every fourth Sunday of every October.

The Marine Corps Marathon
This is the fourth largest of all marathons held in the USA and winds down across the U.S. capital where you get to beheld historical monuments on the Potomac River. It is also called the Marathon of the Monuments with more than 30,000 marathoners attending as they run around the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Pentagon, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and Arlington National Cemetery.

Great Wall Marathon
Deemed the ultimate race destination of its own kind this race involves starting from the Yin and Yang Square within the heart of Huangyaguan village in China towards the Great Wall of China. The course has about 5,164 stair steps to go through with a view of rural villages, the historical Great Wall and rice paddies.

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