How to Save on Flight Tickets While Travelling the World

It is possible to find airline tickets increasing by the minute as you watch today. Currently, it is possible for flight tickets to fluctuate so much in a single day as attempts are made by airlines to put the flight tickets at a lower cost to attract travellers and higher enough to make profits. They are utterly unpredictable today and also very expensive. This is why finding affordable flight tickets, perhaps for flights to Israel, is something you can do. There are ways of saving some money while flying around the world.

Shoulder season travelling

If you can travel between low and high season, known as shoulder season, you can save money on flight tickets. In fact, depending on where you are travelling, a shoulder season can be at any time of the year. For those travelling to Europe, the period from May to September is the high season. Heading to the city of London by Halloween or October you might just meet very few crowds, affordable flight tickets and comfortable temperatures. By the end of April through May, the Mexican and Caribbean weather is just getting better as flight ticket costs reduce since the summer vacations and spring break are just starting.


While you can travel cheap at this time, it is important to remember flying off-season can also have its disadvantages, for instance hotels usually do their renovation at this time when the customers are not many. You might have to stay in a place under construction. Nonpeak season also see museums and other attractions shortening their hours while some close until the season has picked. However, if you are travelling for business you might have very little to worry about.

Shop as much as possible

Just like flights, air fares also vary a lot from one airline to the other. You should carry out a quick search of the airline tickets you want and find the best prices as per the airline you want to use. Researching prices from one carrier to the next before a purchase will save you a lot of money. There are sites you can use to search air fares from diverse airlines across the divide and present the results in a table you can compare with ease. You can also search travel websites and the website of the carrier to know the real air fares. Also, visit various airports and shop around while booking only one-way tickets. Flying on one airline and returning on another could easily save you a chunk of money.

Flight fees refund

Many of the airlines especially across the United States have certain airfare policies that guarantee a claim for air ticket refund to get the difference in case the cost of the flight goes down after booking. Essentially, very few individuals really care to check the flight fares once they have purchased them. In most cases, those who book 60 days to the time of the flight can get airline refund, in particular those who are travelling as a family.

You can also play with the return and departure dates in case they are flexible by using flight ticket search engines or a site such as to find affordable airline tickets. Buy directly from the airline website for more perks.

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