Top 5 Spas of the World

The world is full of spas and new and ancient relaxation methods you can always explore. Most have unique treatments and practical concepts that put them at the top of the food chain. Here are five top ones.


  1. Colorado’s Westin Riverfront Resort

Located at Avon in Colorado the Spa Anjali encourages visitors to take a pick of the treatment journey they would like to have, including services with distinct traditions inspired by the Alps, Himalayas and the Rockies. For instance, if you go with the Rocky Mountain treatment journey, you could incorporate Pine Ponderosa Therapy, Honey Mountain Body Mask, Red Clover and River Stone Massage sessions. To complete a day where you really indulge yourself, yoga classes, infinity types of hot tubs and a saline pool are provided.

  1. Seven Stars Resort Spa

As a visitor in the Seven Stars Resort Spa in Providenciales in the heart of Turks and Caicos Islands, you get to enjoy rapid detoxification and maximized relaxation through some of the most stunning amenities like Shiatsu and Swedish and beachside extreme tissue massages. The Soin Velours and Seaweed Wraps scrub with sea salt is an exclusive treatment that uses the natural resources of the setting of the island. The Flash Soleil is a scrub offered at the Seven Stars, a hydrating treatment of the body to tan it in a healthier way.

  1. Mexico’s Rosewood Mayakoba

In Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the Rosewood Mayakoba, a huge and incredible Sense Spa uniquely hidden in a private forested island and provides one of a kind Mayan approach to all their services. Entering the secluded spa sanctuary transports one into a genuine relaxation journey with great lagoon views, plunge therapeutic pools, meditation platforms and lagoon views. Those who choose a Sun and Moon treatment travel journey to the island through a boat benefit from an infused herbal bath, cacao scrub and complete their relaxation experience with a massage in the open air.


  1. Chiang Mai’s Dheva Spa

The Dheva Spa Wellness Centre in Thailand’s Chiang Mai was built to model traditional Buddhist and Mandalay palaces motifs and is said to be the fairy tale that finally came to life. The spa offers varied global treatments and herbal tea for every visitor. You will find Ayurvedic program with an Indian origin, yoga, massage and meditation blends personalised to meet your needs. Other awesome spa choices include Chinese Reflexology, Hydrotherapeutic Bath Treatments and Vichy Shower sessions.

  1. St Lucia’s Kai en Ciel Spa

In St Lucia Jade Mountain is the Kai en Ciel Spa considered to be the rarest gem featuring lots of spa rituals right from Ayurvedic to other classic options. As a visitor, you are free to request beauty and body spa services as a couple, spa treatment in the boutique spa room in the resort or the cottage at Kai Mer spa overlooking the delightful Anse Chastanet Reef. Lots of seaside yoga lessons are also provided.

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